We engaged Noor as an Associate several years ago, with the intent of delivering various workshops and training programs, and have never regretted this decision, nor looked back. Noor is a true professional, who pours in an enormous amount of passion and life experience into the sessions she facilitates. She is always prepared and looks for ways to engage every participant, not just to leave a lasting positive impression, but rather to ensure that the learning is impactful on their personal and professional lives. The feedback received from our clients is always positive and appreciative for us making Noor available to them. It has been a pleasure working with Noor on the various engagements, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with her.


Edward Matti
Managing Partner CCM Consultancy

Noor is an outstanding trainer who knows exactly how to connect with her audience when facilitating. Noor also provides some of the best training material that is trendy, visual, and real. People who attend any of Noor’s sessions will most definitely have a life-changing experience.” – Name to be confirmed.

Karim Mubarak
Co-Founder and CEO of SOURCEitHR.

Noor is the kind of person who loves what she does. I am impressed by her enthusiasm, confidence and proactive nature. I wish Noor all the best in her career, and I am sure that she will excel in her area.

Mohammad Othman
Talent and development team leader (Recruitment and Training)

I met Noor Kayyali for the first time when I was looking for a professional trainer to provide special training for consultants. I participated as a trainee in two of her trainings, and was impressed by her style, technique, and her passion/love for what she does.

Omar Abu Aladas
Project Manager, Method Corporation

“Noor Kayyali is one of the most professional, dedicated, passionate, diverse and fun trainers I have ever met. She can turn a rigid topic into a fun yet informative one, and you can tell from her body language that she is engaged and passionate about what she is talking about. If you are looking for knowledge, quality and fun, I highly recommend Noor.

Saba El Hanbali
Program Manager, Jordan Education For Employment.